We all know: Risk & Rewards often go hand in hand. The bigger the Risk, the bigger the Reward too. That’s why confident IT Professionals prefer Startups where there’s a bigger Risk and bigger Reward. But there’s also the uncertainty of being a Startup. Bigger companies are more stable but there’s no “thrill” involved.

Best of the two worlds is, however, Companies that operate with the mindset of a Startup but have reached that Stability Phase. At WonderBiz, this is the philosophy with which we operate. Effective & Agile like a Startup, yet Stable & Robust like an MNC. For Variable Pay, we follow the same approach.

How is Variable Pay at WonderBiz handled?

Like we described in the Part 1 of this series: Is Variable Pay some kind of a trick?, Variable Pay has been institutionalized so as to bring in a Performance-Oriented culture at WonderBiz. We want every one working here to be cognizant of the fact that because of your Performance, you can influence how much you earn.

And, like we explained in Part 2 of this series: Is Variable Pay indeed paid out here?, never have we missed handing out the committed Quarterly Variable Pay to our team and there have been many, many occasions when Team members have got more than 100% Variable Pay as well. Even in COVID. Talk to some of them and they can vouch for it.

How is the assessment at WonderBiz done?

So like they say, Feedback is the breakfast of Champions. When you join WonderBiz, a series of shorter time-frame feedback sessions are arranged between you & your Lead. These are weekly to begin with and eventually end up being fortnightly or monthly.

Built like an Agile Retrospective, these provide an excellent opportunity both for you and your Lead to discuss Performance and bring in alignment. Expectations are negotiated, gaps are identified and action items are noted. It is, of course, incumbent on you to raise your bar.

Such feedback sessions are fairly common at WonderBiz and they serve as the foundation of the impact that your performance has on the rest of us.

So, how much Variable Pay would I REALLY get?

Most of the time, the straight answer is: at least 100%. As long as your Performance is in line with expectations, you have no problem to expect a full 100% Variable Pay!

But when your Performance makes a significant impact, your Lead will have no hesitation in recommending more than 100%. When you punch above your weight category, or deliver in difficult project situations or maneuver the team out of tough technical spots, you make an impact. You deliver value and earn the right to expect value in return.

That’s also the reason why many of the Team members, who consistently deliver value, get back much more, in the form of Variable Pay. That’s how it ends up in being a win-win & a rewarding relationship for the Team Member and the Organization. And that’s also the reason why so many of our Team Members, end up staying around for much longer with us

Key Takeaways:

1. You can (like all of our team members) always expect to get at least 100% Variable Pay
2. We at WonderBiz, are always intent on recognizing the Value that you generate
3. The more impact that you make, in terms of delivering Value, the more Variable Pay you can expect (more than 100%)

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