latest trends in it industry

Software development is the most dynamic and inviting industry of all. Yes, you can't deny that!

Want to survive here? Then you need to start leveraging the upcoming technology trends like ML, AI, Cloud Computing, MicroServices, Containerization Tech, and modern JS frameworks to gain the cutting edge. Period.

Let's have a look at what happened with one of our developers.

A few years ago, the wave of Machine Learning had just hit the shores of the tech world, we were looking for volunteers within the team who’d ride & conquer it. Unfortunately, most of the team was too busy in their work and things weren’t moving. Around the same time, one of the team members who had recently joined the team took up the challenge.

His skill set was completely different - mobile technology! But he started putting some good efforts in studying Machine Learning along with his routine work, taking out time in his breaks & after work. It was an intense effort and those two months were grueling. But paid rich dividends! He was able to match some of the experts on the Customer side, matching what they were able to deliver in less than half the time! Now that's insane, isn't it?

That got our Customer impressed and now he's leading this project from our side!

So moral is, you HAVE TO seize the latest trends, or else you can’t stay on top of your game. It's survival of the fittest guys!

Here are a few key points you should consider:

1. Instead of being frustrated, be curious - Stay open to new ideas.

2. Keep an eye on What's coming next by reading blogs, books, articles, newsletters, etc.

3. Consider online courses & certifications.

4. Participate and Join open source communities & follow them. Also, go to events & conferences and meet like-minded people.

5. Try to Start working on a real side project on any new upcoming tech, announce it publicly and consistently keep at it.

If your company is moving on but you’re not, you might get substituted by other programmers. So if you really want to stay relevant as a programmer, keep learning folks!

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