silicon valley culture
Who hasn’t heard of “The Silicon Valley” (of course, it doesn't need any introduction!)

But for all of you, who haven’t, it is THE Mecca of Tech - home to most of the world's largest high-tech corporations and thousands of unicorn startup companies!

So, in our initial years we were struggling, like all other tech startups in India - struggling with our perspective, our mindset, and with our overall approach! Of course, we did not want to settle where we were!

And then... We got a break! A super, golden opportunity to work for a Customer from Silicon Valley! That was, probably, the Midas touch that we were waiting for!

First one Customer and then, several more!
Getting the opportunity to work for a few Silicon Valley startups was a big game changer!

We quickly learned our lessons:

1. Design First ( ignore design only at your peril! )
- The Design First Approach does take longer to begin with. But once a design is made, implementing such a well-structured design makes it faster - eventually much faster than without a design!

- By designing every effort a little better, we were able to achieve several cumulative improvements that add up to higher progress.

2. JIT Learning approach ( Stay hungry, Stay curious! )
- Our developers have been solving new complicated problems like computer vision problems coming from the shop floor, analysis of data coming in from an Operating, and many more. And solving it with speed!

- So how do we make sure that our employees are getting all they need at the exact moment they’re looking for it? That’s where the “Just In Time (JIT)” Learning comes in.

- We learn sufficient, but just about enough to solve a problem. That’s different from an academic perspective but has huge benefits while problem-solving. At the same time, it's not easy because that puts you in a “perpetual” learning mode.

Plus, our team learns from successes and failures through retrospective meetings every single week. This enables team members to learn something new & relevant to their project and present it every week.

3. C level getting their hands dirty ( Just do it! )
- Moving out of the typical tasks the Founders normally do, our Founders have been hands-on in all the projects. If the team is stuck somewhere, they will roll up their sleeves and step in and move it for them - even if it’s a difficult problem to solve or a tough spot to come out of.

- That's how we could just multiply our quality & speed of delivery.

It also serves as a role model for the rest of the leaders in the team - to de-bottleneck and blast out problems, whenever they can and as much as they can.

Adopting these things in our ecosystem has helped us to weather many-a-storms and grow.
So does it look like these things have any rocket science integrated? Not at all, it's even easier than you think.

Just a few simple things you should follow with a disciplined mindset, and there’s no doubt that you’ll have results in your hand very soon!

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