Have you noticed yourself working more than usual while at home?

According to recent data from NordVPN, which tracks when users connect and disconnect from its service, employees are now clocking a whopping 3 more hours per day than in an office! It’s not a surprise then, that employees have started to report being stressed, overworked, and burned out!

Working remotely may be productive & cost-efficient. However, there’s a hidden danger behind here - not everyone can juggle work and family. We started noticing that when our remote team started working from home, we found them working longer hours than they otherwise would. We think such an attitude can easily lead to burnout, and that’s something we definitely don’t want to happen with your remote team.

So we thought that we have to be aware of this risk and take proactive steps to make sure they’re preventing burnout before it becomes a real issue. We’ll talk about the strategies we deployed and what you can follow too.

What side-effects did we notice?
1. Where is more time going? Meetings.
We noticed that a 5 min task in the office takes 30 mins to be done in the remote meetings. Scheduled and unscheduled both.
Due to this - Collaboration time has increased and then you have less working time - which ultimately leads to spending more time working.

2. No Transition phase.
You are not getting ready - having breakfast - going to the office through a 30 min commute every day - then settling down at your work system.
Let’s be honest! Almost all of us, just wake up, freshen up and just sit in front of your laptop & and also don't get up on time - This ultimately increases the screen time making you more lethargic in the long run.

3 things we strongly suggest our employees and everyone working from home:
1. Take more Breaks! - Very crucial to get your mind out of that zone and do something else that makes you feel fresh.
Call your family or friends and have a chat with them. (Call them, don’t just share memes on Instagram!)
Do meditation, yoga, Exercises that you like doing. - Move your body!
Read some books.
Don’t do anything that keeps you in front of the screen. You can watch that movie later!

2. Reduce the screen time - Being in front of the screens all day will just harm your eyes and productivity in the long run. Limit your daily hours to a specific number of hours. Let’s say 10 hours.

3. Don’t Become a Hermit! - During these lonely times, one thing which is really important to make us consciously feel better is to be actively connected to the people around you. Take time each day to be with others. Go out for a walk with a friend. Call someone on the phone. Reach out so you don’t end up burning out from the lack of human interaction.
For example, have a look at an amazing Saturday activity we just organized here 

Our top 3 precautions to avoid burnout for our team (which worked for us!)
1. Good Employee Treatment - This is the key. As our Co-Founder & CEO, Kaustubh rightly says, “We indeed believe that our people are not a commodity to create money. Rather, money is a commodity to help our people grow”

2. Manageable workload - No extreme stressing of timelines.
Big focus on strength-based feedback and development - Our whole team is very open in terms of both giving and receiving feedback. Which helps everyone to have a clear understanding and grow better.

3. Clear, empathetic & regular communication - Both from Tech leads and Founders.
Wrapping Up, remember, physical and mental health must be your priority in this time of uncertainty. It’s difficult to say how long this pandemic will last. So, just take a breather and unplug before you experience burnout from work overload.

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