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Case Studies
"We were working with an existing partner on a strategic program that had significant pressure from a Time to Market perspective. Capacity and competency on this project was a challenge and I decided to engage with WonderBiz given that they brought specific competencies in the domain and showed hunger to deliver high quality"

"The biggest positive working with WonderBiz is there was a match of mental wavelength between us and their management team. They understood LEAN principles, they were uncomprimising on quality while bringing speed and agility to their execution capabilities. They also quickly self learnt the technology landscape and were able to rapidly develop proof of concepts. Being a startup, they paid attention all across and took feedback positively and acted on it"

"WonderBiz is now working with 3-4 different teams within my organization. They have been able to bring our cutting edge ideas to fruition quickly while contributing as a true development partner by bringing in their own ideas and speed of development which is what we look for in a partner"

"WonderBiz is a startup with the mindset of one. They bring a lot of commitment, passion and energy to the work they do. They are customer oriented, responsive to critical feedback and willing to work with uncertainties in the environment. They have a leadership and development team that is committed to continuous improvement and have been able been able to deliver to the ever increasing customer expectations. The management team is harnessing talent that are focused on the right behaviors of openness, transparency and ownership"

"I would strongly recommend WonderBiz as a development partner for the following reasons
1) They act and behave as partners and not suppliers
2) They bring the right levels of talent and capability in newer and cutting edge areas 
3) Their team is committed and go beyond the call of duty
4) Finally, they are well led by a management team that has a strong value system that is aligned with the Customer's values and are responsive and sensitive to customer needs"
Venkatesh Jagannath 
Senior Director R&D Operations https://www.linkedin.com/in/venkateshjagannath
"I was given the task of building a small team that would create a set of core technologies to be leveraged and extended for building the innovative Futuristic Applications for Schneider. I was also tasked to build the initial set of applications on top of existing core technologies and to bring them to the market."

"The team needed to have expertise in the area of Machine Learning / AI / Data Analytics, as well as, have solid experience in building technologies that could be used as kernel-frameworks for multiple applications. A team that would aggressively build the product out - a team that would be able to match my speed."

"I already knew how other partners operated and so that was a strict no no for me. Somebody who'd be able to work at the same pace that I do. Also the team had to be multi-farious with knowledge in areas such as Machine Learning, Mathematics, Programming, User Experience, multiple programming languages like Python, C#, Javascript Frameworks, SQL. Clearly, it was difficult to form a team with such varied expertise in the short time."

"We were to build technologies and applications from the scratch where we had to identify the right business problems, find solutions and validate them with users. Consequently, the team had to be extremely efficient, agile, with a laser-focus on user needs, User Experience (UX) and one that would bring-in original thought-process to solve problems along the way."

"For most part, the problem definition itself would be fuzzy and woud get developed as we progressed through the process of conceptualizing, building and validating with end-users in short cycles. We had to pivot quite frequently to ensure we were solving the right business problems."

"It was clear, based on past experience, that tackling such a situation required a team working beyond the call of the duty and with passion and ownership - a team that would go to the extent of figuring out beyond what is not stated documents and discussions. Finding a partner who would bring such a capability was a challenge."

"Given the limited resources and the stringent timelines and budget, we decided to give the responsibility of the application development to WonderBiz. We not only outsourced the work around the application development, but also the thinking around making the application successful in the market. One of the critical areas where we were challenged by management was related to User Experience (UX)."

"A team of six engineers from WonderBiz is working on productisation in multiple phases. These guys are extremely sharp while being easy to work with. They have a sense of ownership that is so very crucial in our kind of a setup. Their passion fuels everything else. Demos happen at regular intervals. The team is exposed to actual end-user data, learning and course-correcting along the way. Accuracy of variance of results is now being validated with the end-user."

"WonderBiz did a wonderful job in understanding the high level requirements, detailing it out & come out with multiple solutions, along with working prototypes, working with us and our users, iterating and developing. All this, with the speed that was expected from my side. Because of WonderBiz, we could launch not one, but several applications to our end users! We have received rave feedback around all the applications delivered. These applications have now set a new benchmark in providing great business value and at the same time provide extraordinary User Experience with simplicity."

"The team that WonderBiz provides brings with them passion, creativity and ownership. It's great to be working with this wonderful young talent from WonderBiz!"
Bhaskar Sinha
General Manager - Tech Innovation Unit https://www.linkedin.com/in/bhaskarsinha
"This Product had to be evolved into the second generation for any meaningful industrial use. The ability to import and export in bulk and automate the many manual steps needed for configuration were just necessary to simplify & reduce the end-user efforts."

"The team worked in a fixed scope mode to drastically cut down on the manual steps. Prototypes needed for technology selection were achieved in lightning speed. Change in the scope was accommodated well. A decent amount of end-user data validation was achieved."

"The Product Manager was able to achieve his goal of introducing automation to make the end-user's life simple. The team was able to deliver within the time constraints laid out."

"For the last three years, I have been working, very closely with the WonderBiz team, on one of our Product Development Programs and have thoroughly enjoyed working with them."
  "We have been working on some very complex projects and integrations that demand, a high level of technical ability, quick turn-around time and quality of the highest levels."
 "I have found the WonderBiz team to be enthusiastic, responsive & professional to take ownership of the work they do. They understand the work domain quickly and not only deliver projects on time & with highest levels of quality, but their overall engagement during the project execution is just amazing."
 "As a example, in one of our projects, where the application performance NFRs (Non-Functional Requirements) were crucial, the WonderBiz team had come up with many different alternative solutions. They went ahead and prototyped all of these, to demonstrate the approaches, pointing out their pros and cons. This enabled the Product Management team to take informed decisions and invest appropriately." 
"Instances like these continue to keep me amazed at the commitment that the WonderBiz team demonstrates in their pursuit of Customer Delight."
Prashant Kabade  
"For a radically different way of automating processing, only a concept-level idea was present. How the product would look like was not clear, neither the technology components needed to demonstrate the concept. We needed somebody to demonstrate the concept to stakeholders in order to take the decision to go ahead and invest further."

"WonderBiz team fleshed out specs through multiple, iterative discussions with stakeholders. They were quick to explore technology available that could support the initiative and yet be performant for the demonstration. Eventually, they built the prototype on a cloud-based graph database so as to demonstrate the concept."

"Key stakeholders now are able to visualise the concept and to take a call on how they can take it forward. In the absence of a demo it was just a pptware concept! This is big step for us to get a competitive advantage"

"Great work, initiative and responsiveness from WonderBiz team working on this new age exploratory work. This work stood out distinctly from rest due to innovation content and short cycle time. 
I am very happy to be working with WonderBiz – a very dynamic startup company with young minds!"

"Now expectations and the bar has been raised, we are working to scale even higher peaks together by converting these initial ideas to products!"
Sameer Kondejkar
Program Manager & Principal Architect
"A Web App for UDesign workflow (including the ability to monetise) was needed to be built. Our Web Architect had the initial architecture in place but given his other commitments, it was hard to get the bandwidth to implement a whole ton of features that were waiting to be implemented. I had tried a few things before but those did not seem to work. We needed to move, for sure. WonderBiz came to mind but some of the team there just had .Net competency and we were on Enterprise Java. Also, would our architect be able to work with offshore guys? Still not very sure of what was to be expected, I decided to bite the bullet anyways!"

"There were teething issues as the team and our folks here struggled to collaborate. But couple of months and I could see that things were coming together. This was working! Starting with a couple of team members, the team has now 4 Engineers including a Test Engineer. The Web App is now functional and into production with features such as Invoicing, Payment Gateway Integration, Doctor on-boarding, Messaging & Notifications, Preferences, Admin Functionality and integration with third-parties."

"Working under the watchful eye of our Architect, the team has implemented features needed for an end-to-end workflow including invoicing. They have also been instrumental to work with some of our field team members, slowly building trust and getting in features required for on-boarding of some of our Asian orthodontists. The web app is now shaping up & its time that it becomes production-worthy. "

"I am happy with the way the team is working out. They are able to collaborate well with our existing team and able to make good progress. They ask the right questions and are able to move in to implement functionality with speed. Initially, I was not sure of how the engagement would work out - there were teething issues as always. But now, it is clear that WonderBiz is able to add value." 

"Team WonderBiz is fantastic! They are often thrown in unchartered waters but manage to emerge better than before, displaying exemplary grit. I wish them all the success and recommend them without a second thought!"
Surya Sarva
Director of Software Engineering
Scale your Dev Teams
with WonderBiz Full Lifecycle Offshore Centers
"I would strongly recommend WonderBiz as a Dev Partner" 
-Venkatesh Jagannath
Senior Director R&D Operations, Schneider Electric
Hit the Ground Running with WonderBiz Rapid App Dev
"WonderBiz is known for their agility & the speed with which they move"   
-Sameer Kondejkar
Program Manager & Principal Architect, Schneider Electric
Supercharge your Product with WonderBiz Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
"The ability of WonderBiz to bring right levels of talent and capability in newer and cutting edge areas is noteworthy" 
-Bhaskar Sinha
General Manager - Tech Innovation Unit, Schneider Electric  
Kaustubh Mhatre
Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Science, Mumbai University
Executive Programme in Business Management, IIM-Calcutta
Certified ScrumMaster, Scrum Alliance

Co-Founder, WonderBiz Technologies
Anirudha Choudhari
Bachelor of Engineering - Electronics, DBAM University
Masters of Engineering - Computer Technology, SRTM University

Co-Founder, WonderBiz Technologies
Questions and Concerns
What distinguishes you from everyone else? 
We understand the intricacies of product dev for Industrial Engineering well enough - have been doing that for the past 23 years. In this space, we have been working with & delighting customers all the way from startups to Global Fortune 100 companies.
Who are you guys, anyway?
We're engineers first and have been doing product dev, ever since. We've a stellar track record in the Industrial Engineering Product Dev space. Our team is top class and is known for operating at high speed!
What results will I actually get from this? 
You will be able to scale up your development operations and operate with higher velocity. You will be able to ensure timely delivery and accommodate more functionality in the same timelines. And this would happen at a significant lower budgets. 

You will be able to set up a complete extended team that would independently work with your core team. A team that would be able to operate Full Lifecycle Offshore Centers, with full skill-sets required for Product Dev, complete with Design, Implement, Test & Devops. Also, with secure network & physical infrastructures. 
What exactly am I signing up for? What are the features and benefits?
If you're in a hurry to get off the ground, you will be able to get the Rapid Offshore Crack Team doing rapid app dev for you to get started quickly. The Crack Team has time and again delivered in extremely tight situations. 

If you require Machine Learning & Analytics capabilities, then that's something that we've added in the last year or so as well. 
How much does it cost?
Usually, the cost of working with us is 
around one-third of the fully-loaded cost of an onshore consultant. And that, is at the same level of quality and throughput.
Are there any long term contracts? 
Usually, we start off with a 3 month engagement to be extended based on the value that Customers see for themselves. This is not a long-term lock-in as you can decide to pull the plug any time at the end of 3 months. The 3 month period is required to overcome teething issues and give it a fair trial.
What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims? 
You will be able to add more customers. And monetize faster. You will be able to get an independently working team to work shoulder-to-shoulder with your core team. A team, working with high sense of ownership, low bug quality and incredibly high quality standards.

You will also be quickly able to come to the revenue phase. And be future-ready. And have enough budget to squeeze in things that the market wants. You will feel in control - rest easy with being predictably ahead of schedule.

Our evidence is the work that we've done! You can reference check with our existing Customers - they have been experiencing the way we operate and the value that they see us delivering.
How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for? 
The solution usually works for Customers who are willing to invest a little bit of their time in the initial knowledge transfer. It usually takes about a couple of weeks for the team to get going once the technology transfer has happened and then another 3-4 weeks for them to accelerate. The next 3-4 weeks and the team is in full swing punching above their weight. 

When it hasn't worked is when Customers are unwilling to invest their time initially. 

Also, doesn't work when they are not in any particular hurry. The team relies much on the Customer initially, to reciprocate with queries, solution brainstorming, design reviews and all kinds of collaboration. When that doesn't happen, it simply doesn't work.
How do I present this to my team? 
The Return on Investment (150-200%) is an easy metric to argue. However, you can also benefit from the fact that your operations continue 24x5, giving you certain other benefits in terms of quick triage and turnaround, ability to deploy at ungainly hours (just as one of our customer does at 3AM Pacific), ability to manage peaks & troughs besides a stellar team who contribute with a mind of their own, instead of just taking orders.
Where did you get the idea to offer this solution? 
Our deep expertise in the Product Development area, coupled with the deep domain experience (all along from 1997) propelled us to move in this direction. We saw Industrial Engineering Product Companies flail for the want of right tech competency coupled with sensible Dev Management abilities. 
WonderBiz Technologies
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Thane, India 400610

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