high quality software development

First things first, becoming a High-Quality Software Developer just doesn't happen by accident!

New Tech is being floated out in the Tech world, every single day. That’s a huge challenge in itself. Plus, you can’t achieve anything significant by being a lone crusader - it won’t get you that far. Also, the challenges of the dev process remain abound - the ever-changing Customer Expectations & Customer Requirements!

So what would it take to make you into a High-Quality Software Developer?

Here are 3 insights (collected and studied) into the challenges that today’s developers face and what you can learn from what they’ve learned!

1. Being Current
Want to survive? Then you need to leverage the upcoming technology trends like ML, AI, Cloud Computing, MicroServices, Containerization Tech, and modem JS frameworks to gain the cutting edge. Period.

What should you do?
1. Do more than just completing your work. Keep an eye on what's coming next by reading blogs & articles.
2. Work on a side project on any new technologies coming up, announce it publicly, and consistently keep at it.
3. Make the most of every opportunity you get to learn anything new. Tech keeps changing. But then, so must you.

2. Unspecified Requirements
To be honest, constantly changing requirements can eat you up! 33% of the respondents on one of the Stack Overflow Developer Survey consider building products with unspecified requirements as their biggest challenge.

What should you do?
1. Ask, ask & ask. Proactively asking questions is a must - especially, if you want to connect the dots.
2. Start thinking from the consumer’s shoes and propose solutions. That's how consumers start seeing value.
3. Be forthright to reprioritize on all the new requirements coming up.

3. Being Collaborative
This is a quality that can take you miles, hands down! Imagine what would happen if you feel challenged to explain an issue to your team that could affect project cost, timelines, and productivity! And this problem becomes more acute when you’re working with teams that are miles apart.

What should you do?
1. Feel free to collaborate with your colleagues and don’t be afraid to ask them questions
2. Keep figuring out dependencies and communicate well enough on what to expect next
3. Over Communicate in such situations as we’re in at the moment with every one of us fully remote!

OK, what's next?
Now it's your turn to go and start applying these 3 fundamental things, and start seeing yourself transform into a high-quality software developer you've always wanted to become!

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