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Growth At WonderBiz

Amarjeet joined us about 5 years ago and from there has consistently grown from Strength to Strength
Right now, he's leading the 7 people Product Dev team for ULab Systems.

A meticulous Process-Oriented Lead, he has weathered some big stormy projects, delivering each time without fail. 

His is the ability to take Calculated Risks, a case in point being his effortless switch from .Net to Java for project needs.


Dive right into a Global Project!

Our clients range across 3 continents. Majority of our products built for clients from Silicon Valley. We specialize in Offshore Development and are with the Clients' team from the beginning to the end. Most of our team members now seamlessly interact with Product Managers from all over the world, and deliver successful results.

Hikes that are Rare to Find in the Market

Financial Security is important for every employee, and this is why we were one of the few companies to provide hikes during both the lockdowns, while continuing to offer salaries at market rates. We attract top talent, and they do best when they get their deserved bite of success!

Latest Technologies - Ride along with Industry Trends

Our Last 5 Products Have Efficiently Utilized Azure Services, No-Code Databases, React.js, Predictive Analytics and Computer Vision to build Seamless IoT Applications for Process Automation and Oil & Gas Industry. We believe in running along with tech leaders, to invent and innovate. 

Freedom to bring your Ideas to the Table

You are judged on the value you bring to the table, no matter how Junior or Senior you are. Being open to contrary views is a must-have for being here! Innovation requires fresh perspectives and every member is encouraged to present their ideas. We believe this is essential to crafting the optimal solution.

Fresh Challenges to Optimize your Energy

95% of the developers who join us talk about being stuck working on redundant tasks that were minimal in scope, at their previous jobs. Young professionals with determination end up unhappy, when not provided with the right challenges for their growth. Hence, we make sure driven employees have their hands filled with opportunities to learn!


  Do you provide Training?

No, we do not. Our experienced members will provide with you insights and guidance, but you are supposed to connect the dots on your own. The initiative you take to step up and learn is what we look for in all team members. You get the opportunity to learn through live projects depending on your hunger! With multiple decades of experience in the industry, our co-founders have decided against the practice of micro-managing the learning process. With new joinees swiftly integrating into projects and successfully meeting client demands, this approach has worked perfectly fine!

  What about Work Pressure? 

We have employee-friendly work timings to make sure you sustain the enthusiasm and energy to give your best. We also organize frequent events and trips so our hardworking employees can relax and have some deserved fun. We even have Leisure and Games rooms, where we recharge ourselves on comfy bean bags or at the carrom board! Team members are provided with refreshments and snacks everyday, and we never miss out on celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or any employee's achievement whether it's big or small. Being a start-up means neither can we offer nor do we believe in offering the leniency professionals get at MNCs, and hence we select people who are truly passionate about growing exponentially.

  What is the Leave Policy?

Weekends are off, and all team members can avail 15 leaves every financial year. This is excluding the 10 holidays provided on festivals/special occasions. We also provide Maternity and Paternity Leaves. During the Covid-19 pandemic, team members diagnosed with coronavirus were granted leaves to rest and heal completely. 

  What is the Hike and Variable Pay Policy?

Both Hikes and Variable Pay are performance dependent. But we're proud to claim that we offer Hikes that are drastically higher than that of your dream MNCs. A lot of our employees get more than 100% Variable Pay too. We have a simple belief, you give your best and get rewarded with the best! Apart from this, team members have also been rewarded with gold coins, goodies and bumper vouchers to celebrate their tenacity and competency. 

Senior Software Developer

Asp.net, MVC, JQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL Server

3+ Years Experience


Tech Lead

Asp.net, MVC, JQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL Server

6+ Years Experience


Cloud Architect

Azure/AWS/GCP Architect, IoT, Edge/Hub, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.

9+ Years Experience


Technical Delivery Manager

C#/.Net Framework/Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, ScrumMaster

9+ Years Experience


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