Stay 5 Steps Ahead Of Your Peers - Deliver Your First Product While They Wrap Up Their Training!



Dive right into a Global Project!

Our clients range across 3 continents. Majority of our products built for clients from Silicon Valley. We specialize in Offshore Development and are with the Clients' team from the beginning to the end. Most of our team members now seamlessly interact with Product Managers from all over the world, and deliver successful results.

Market salary + Amazing Hikes

Financial Security is important for every employee, and this is why we were one of the few companies to provide hikes during both the lockdowns, while continuing to offer salaries at market rates. We attract top talent, and they do best when they get their deserved bite of success!

Latest Technologies - Ride along with Industry Trends

Our Last 5 Products Have Efficiently Utilized Azure Services, No-Code Databases, React.js, Predictive Analytics and Computer Vision to build Seamless IoT Applications for Process Automation and Oil & Gas Industry. We believe in running along with tech leaders, to invent and innovate. 

Freedom to bring your Ideas to the Table

You are judged on the value you bring to the table, no matter how Junior or Senior you are. Being open to contrary views is a must-have for being here! Innovation requires fresh perspectives and every member is encouraged to present their ideas. We believe this is essential to crafting the optimal solution.

Fresh Challenges to Optimize your Energy

95% of the developers who join us talk about being stuck working on redundant tasks that were minimal in scope, at their previous jobs. Young professionals with determination end up unhappy, when not provided with the right challenges for their growth. Hence, we make sure driven employees have their hands filled with opportunities to learn!


  Will I get to work on the technology stack that I expect?

Freshers are assigned roles depending on their past experience and a evaluation period of 2 weeks. Based on your performance here, you'll be assigned the role best suited for your abilities. We work on a variety of products, and almost all freshers are given opportunities to tackle multiple problem statements with direct access to an array of cutting-edge technologies. So, a Machine Learning fresher at WonderBiz would also know how to create a Web Application to host their Time Series POC. While a full-stack fresher developer would know how to derive the best KPIs from industrial logs and datasets we receive from on-site. 

  Is there a Probation Period?

Yes. The Probation period is 3 months, where we provide multiple tasks to evaluate technical and soft skills, in order to prepare you for work on a live project. Most candidates begin interactions with clients within these 3 months. The probation period is paid, and you'll receive the same amount as per the agreed upon package. 

  Is there a Bond Period?

No. We do not have any bonds as such. We aim to foster an environment where individuals can truly express themselves. Freedom at work leads to creativity and collaboration, which are highly valued at WonderBiz. Bonds are antithetical to this aim, and no good has ever come from tying down an employee who doesn't wish to stay. 

  Are there Hikes for Freshers?

Yes. Freshers will be considered for hikes, if they have completed at least 6 months at WonderBiz. We were one of the few companies who provided hikes to our freshers despite the Covid-19 pandemic raging full-on. All our team members deserve benefits for the amazing work they do everyday. We also practice a Variable Pay Policy where team members are paid as per their performance. We've had freshers receive much more than their monthly pay, because of their exemplary achievements at work.

Software Developer, MVC, JQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL Server

1+ Years Experience


Data Analyst

ML, Deep Learning, Python, Time Series, Linux, Tensorflow/ Keras / OpenCV

2+ Years Experience


HR - Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition, Job Postings, Sourcing, Mailers

1+ Years Experience


Front-End Developer

JavaScript, Angular/React.js, CSS Architectures, HTML5

2+ Years Experience


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