A Day in the life of a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER at wonderbiz


By Akshay Pandey
Morning Stand-Ups
I've always liked the idea of high-paced action packed work, it just suits my personality. And stand-ups at WonderBiz have just the kind of energy that make my work fun. I get my dependencies resolved quickly. Also, a proper understanding of the whole project since every member senior or junior discusses their tasks with the Lead. For a young developer, it's like I see pieces of the puzzle put together on a daily basis. This has helped me a lot as now I've become capable enough to be a part of design discussions. And you have no idea, what a big deal it is for a learner! In the stand-up, I have to report previous day's achievements, and present the dependencies for backlogs which are then assessed by the Lead. We then decide what's to be accomplished today, and if I'm confident about something, I even get the freedom to pitch my own approaches to the tasks. 
Scrum Meeting with the Client
We go surgery mode on the backlogs here, dissecting them and fixing them. If there are pending tasks or backlogs, then their dependencies are discussed with the client. In my time here, thanks to some great collaboration, we've always got them resolved. The tasks that are to be accomplished today, we evaluate them. And if there's a tweak in the requirements, it's possible that a new task can be assigned on priority basis. We then create a schedule, which has all the future tasks as per their priorities. And we are then ready to start punching some code with transparent objectives and timelines in sight.
In between calls is where I put my development skills to practice. I have a very interesting role which is working on a legacy software. And I need to explore new perspectives on a daily basis. Me and Pranit are the duo who's assigned the task of assessing how the original software works with new plug-ins or features. Another in-house team develops them. Our product is a junction where all integrations meet, so I have to make sure any modifications made to the system by a new feature must have minimal area of impact. I work with ASP.NET, Telerik and WPF currently. And I have quickly grown into maintaining UI Elements and Service Layer of the main application. Because of this in-depth exploration of the product, I can habitually clear dependencies due to enhancements and mutating user stories.
Mid-Day Review
I have Mid-Day reviews with my Lead to provide updates on the tasks. This way we stay in the loop with each other. We also discuss blockers, if there are any, and this is usually a 5-10 min long Zoom call. The Lead or Senior Developers are usually available to assist throughout the day. But by scheduling a mid-day review, we noticed we were saving time and making communication more organized post-lockdown.
Client Interactions
Me and the other developer end the day with a team meeting with the Product Owner, Tech Experts, Lead Architect and Project Managers. This is my favorite part of the day because I interact with a full-fledged Global Product Dev Team. Including Architects and Managers from around the world, and they have decades of experience working for leading tech giants. The primary purpose of this interaction is a review of the direction the development life-cycle is headed towards. We have a quick review of the Task Priority Schedule, and the status. Then there's a weekly demo where my team displays the functionality we were working on. I like how free and easy everyone here is, with sole emphasis on your work. Nobody holds reservations against your age or role, in-fact I was praised by a Project Manager for the quality I brought despite being a fresher!
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