coding skills important in 2021

A good tech job for fresh developers has become quite a struggle nowadays, hasn't it?

You can't just fill out some applications, walk into an interview, and get that tech job you want. In addition to your coding skills, you have to earn the attention of companies that you want to work for.

But don't worry folks, here's the good news - just as how you learned to code, you can also learn how to make yourself appealing to those companies. Nail these skills and boom! You're just that one interview away from grabbing that job offer.

So without any further ado, let’s jump right into the things you need to aim better :

1. Build the soft skills needed (a key to boost your selection chances!)
- Start being good at communication skills. Start attending more meetups/conferences, start writing blogs that will reflect your thought process, and how adept you are at teaching yourself. As a result, you’ll ace at communicating in your team.

-Demonstrate your teamwork skills. Start working on a side project with someone & publish it, participate in hackathons, start contributing to open source.

- Establish great learning skills (really important!). Start getting technical certifications from online resources, read more blogs and articles, start working on a side project on some new language/framework, and publish it.

- So what's the catch here? You are making yourself more employable by demonstrating a more ability and better willingness. In short, from just being good, you’ll become awesome!

2. Start getting some Real-World Experience: (highly suggested!)
- Start building your own projects after you’re done with a few tutorials or any course. In addition to that, also showcase your extracurricular technical projects apart from your final year project.
Now you may wonder why? This can create a good impression that you’re not just a bookworm!

- Get active on GitHub. According to the tech experts, the tech industry is very much a “show me” industry. They want to see the projects that you've published live. In such scenarios, showcasing your GitHub links/portfolio can hit the ball out of the park for you. (because not many people do that!)

- Let’s say for example you are interested in AI/ML, then you can take one of the existing Computer Vision deep learning models, and try to make a product out of it. How simple is that?

3. Create a community/network (A superpower, if you can do it!)
- It's an old saying that it's often not what you know, but who. If you’re really good at this skill, it will skyrocket you to the job you want.

- Showcase your participation in events like Hackathons, paper presentation contests, etc. In addition to that, your experience of organizing a college fest also helps a lot. Flaunt all your learnings and certifications to them, they want to see that confidence in you!

- Start attending more meetups, conferences, and polish your networking skills.

- Join online communities and groups and become an active member. Showcase what value you can provide and also learn a few things at the same time.

4. Learn more about the industry you would like to work in
- Simply start understanding how the companies in your preferred sector work and the problems they're trying to solve.

- Write blogs showing why that particular field interests you. Follow your interests. If you’re interested in a particular area (say–health, education, fitness, fashion, and so forth), consider how you could get a job in that field.

- Start Specializing in whatever niche you like. Pursuing your interests will only make you a more attractive candidate to companies in that space.

For instance, when we were struggling to hire an ML developer, we didn’t hire a software developer and train him, instead, we hired Ayush, who specialized in ML. You see the catch here? It saved us a ton of time making our delivery even faster and along with that Ayush also got the job he wanted. So, a win-win!

5. Be very clear on what you ultimately want from your job (Really imp for long term goals)
- Align your values with the companies you apply to. This means aligning your personal values, and interests and goals, fit with the companies you want to work for. The key here is to choose a niche that you're passionate about (like we talked in the previous point).
And to be honest, if you just accept any job offer, you might get paid but will you be happy or will you be able to grow well? Think about it.

- Also think about company size and diversity you wish to work in. Simply answer a question, would you be more comfortable at a startup or a bigger company?

To sum up, good companies aren't just hunting for good coders, but really good candidates!
So start laying the groundwork by polishing the above skills and start becoming a great candidate in the first place!

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