[Case Study] How the Innovation Team at Schneider Electric went from a POC to a Product in 9 months using the WonderBiz ROCKT

  •     The well-known, but poorly understood way to SCALE to get you to the revenue goal FASTER
  •     ​The TRUTH about working with a DEV PARTNER v/s a SUPPLIER & how high performing teams are built
  •     Getting back to the fundamentals so you can move FASTER than ever

Meet Our Client

"We were working with an existing partner on a strategic program that had significant pressure from a Time to Market perspective. Capacity and competency on this project was a challenge and I decided to engage with WonderBiz given that they brought specific competencies in the domain and showed hunger to deliver high quality..."
Venkatesh Jagannath 
(Senior Director R&D Operations)

Meet The Wonder Team

Bhavik Rupa

Senior Software Engineer

Sarvesh Sawant
Tech Lead

Shubham Kumar Yadav

Software Engineer

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