A Day in the life of a team lead at wonderbiz

Day in the Life of a Team lead at Wonder biz

By Sumit Patel
Morning Stand-Ups
Nothing starts my day better than a steaming hot breakfast and a productive stand-up call. I basically go through a quick and thorough review of the team's previous day's tasks. On the basis of what was accomplished we decide what's to be accomplished now. Fortunately, I've got team members that make sure stand-ups are smooth and to the point. There are a few occasions where the previous day's tasks face blockers. Maybe because of updated requirements by the client or some unforeseen dependency. I identify those dependencies explicitly and the action items needed to clear them.
Mid-Day Review
Roadblocks are an every-day part of our job, after all we're always experimenting with the latest tech. Our aim is to deliver something novel and niche to our clients. As the Lead, I set up mid-day reviews to tackle any critical instances that a specific team members faces. Downtime in Agile only leads to backlogs, and unlike biryani you want as less of it on your plate as possible! For example, our last project involved some team members working with Azure for the first time, and my responsibility was to get their issues resolved regularly and swiftly. 
Technical Call
My evenings usually get underway with Technical Discussions with the customer. Any need for clearing the understanding of a technical facet is done here. Occasionally, we present a demo for a functionality and the customer provides their feedback. This is followed by a Q/A session, where we all discuss the What, Why, How and When questions with the customer. It's crucial that we steer forward on the same page and in the same direction. Transparency is key when you're part of a global product development team!
Sprint Review
Everything that my team has achieved throughout the sprint is presented as a demo to the client. We present this demo somewhere around the End of Day. Simply speaking, it's a product version with all the requirements given in the User Story integrated into it. We then release an end-of-sprint version to a partner team for System Testing, after my team has finished Functional Testing. 
Good design is good business for me. It's that simple. I believe that literally 75% of all the 'curve-balls' thrown at you can be avoided with intelligent and patient design. Every minute I spent designing is an hour saved later on during development and deployment. To wrap up the day, me, Mahesh (our Application Architect) and Vishal (our Senior Engineer) meet to discuss the approaches possible for every functionality. We then finalize the design that must be followed by the team for optimum results. This includes the roles and responsibilities that will be shared between different team members for the sprint.
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