A Day in the life of a SOFTWARE Test engineer at wonderbiz


By Rakesh Pedhamkar
Normally, we discuss what was done yesterday and what is to be done today in the stand-up. After the stand-up, I start my daily work by writing test cases. Suppose if the testing part is ongoing and carried on from the previous day, I check and analyze any regression that has come out of it. Lot of effort in the morning goes into the product setup and clean-up. Because it’s not a small project, a pretty big one in fact. To cover the overall setup of the whole product takes quite some time, around 2 hours on a daily basis. When the pitch and everything is ready, I start my innings with Data Collection. After this, the actual testing starts, which mostly consists of Data Validation. Also, validating the filters we are applying in our product is important too.
In the mid-day sesion, if I have a dependency on any other guy, then we connect and talk about that. This session is crisp and to the point. If there’s none, then move ahead to continue with our tasks lined up for the day. In the evening, we have meetings with our clients. Especially in my product there were quite a few as the scale is huge and it’s also in the closing stages before it’s out for production.
My daily work requires usage of tools like Nifi for Dataflow, NSSM for services, Yellowfin for the dashboard, JDK and Java along with ASP.NET. I also provide support to the System Testing team with the set-up, and if they find any bugs, we discuss and fix it. We have around 4-5 different connectors in the product that are linked to multiple prime functionalities. And I have to set these connectors up on different Virtual Machines so that they can fetch loads of data. Our product helps Business Heads make the best decisions, and the more the data the more accurate the KPIs are. Then comes the Gateway that enables Data Transfer to the Data Hub. This is where data is processed and sent to the Dashboard. So overall, I have to set up around 9 components and then work with collection and validation around them. So I basically have to check things like : Is the data being curated properly? Is it properly transferred to the dashboard? Are the dashboard components displaying their data perfectly? Are the formulas working fine? And me and the team have successfully made sure they do.
The Team
There are blockers too of course. There’s sometimes an issue in setting up the configuration due to the build provided by the developer or an issue in the project. At that time, I connect with the developers and we troubleshoot and correct it. Or the developers provide a refurbished build or patch which will resolve the issue. It’s natural that during intense build creation the developers might miss out on a piece of code or get something incorrect. They’re humans after all, and the errors come up during testing. But my team members are damn proactive, and unlike the Tester-Developer jokes that pop up in WhatsApp groups, we quickly and gladly get together and resolve it. Because ego doesn’t deliver successful results, teamwork and collaboration does. There’s a lot of fun too with my team, and every now and then during lunch we get together for a game of carrom or a lunch party with some biryani and ice-cream! But in carrom the teamwork goes for a toss, no way I’m sharing the queen with them hahahaha.
Most testers don’t interact a lot with their Architect, but in our case we had Mahesh sir. And he’s such a jolly and positive guy to have around you. In every kind of situation he’s always there for you, and so is Sumit, our Team Lead. They even help us in testing, which is rare in the industry. Sumit is a great guy and despite the scale of the project he maintained such great coordination. Our team literally became famous in our office for our coordination. He’s always active in doing things that divert our minds to positivity even in very tough situations. And he’s always encouraged us to broaden our scope of application, to take new initiatives. Because of this, now I’m contributing to another product of ours on the automation front, by using Selenium.
With my initiatives and the freedom to try them at WonderBiz, I wish to play a part in newer and multiple challenges and bowl them out for a duck. 
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