How to find the next superstar for your team 
using the Willingness and Ability Framework


The joy of working in a sub-standard team!

 Everyone, some point of time in his or her career, always seems to have worked   for a brilliant team. Where the proverbial “team-work” has helped to tide over   humongous challenges or where “individuals could win games but"....

5 steps to choosing a database for your application

 It’s a shiny new project assignment for you. After days of deliberation on   requirements, specs have finally been frozen. Or at least for now. And now is the   time, to put in place the high-level building blocks....

3 things stopping you from becoming a high-quality software developer

 New Tech is being floated out in the Tech world, every single day. That’s a huge   challenge in itself. Plus, you can’t achieve anything significant by being a lone   crusader - it won’t get you that far. Also, the challenges....

 Software development is the most dynamic and inviting industry of all. Yes, you   can't deny that! Want to survive here? Then you need to start leveraging the   upcoming technology trends like....

 Are your coding skills enough to grab a good tech job in 2020? Well, here’s why they’re NOT ENOUGH!

 A good tech job for fresh developers has become quite a struggle nowadays,   hasn't it? You can't just fill out some applications, walk into an interview and get   that tech job you want. But don't worry folks, here's the....

Our tried and tested key learnings from "Silicon Valley Culture"

So, in our initial years we were struggling, like all other tech startups in India - struggling with our perspective, our mindset, and with our overall approach! Of course, we did not want to settle where we were! And then... We got a break....

12 weeks in - Here are our learnings about "Remote Work"

Have you noticed yourself working more than usual while at home?
According to recent data from NordVPN, which tracks when users connect and disconnect from its service, employees are now clocking a whopping 3 more hours per day.....

Founders Speak - "The design first" philosophy

We all know how fanatical Apple was about design. And how they were able to differentiate themselves through design. The simplicity, the intuitive interface and the beauty of the interaction! And that was also how they were able to beat the hell out of so many.....

 Is Variable Pay some kindof a trick? Lets talk Variable Pay (Part 1/3)

 There are a plethora of reasons why an IT Professional would join a Company &   then would stay there - Work Culture, Job Responsibilities or Learning   opportunities. But the foremost reason, of course, remains...

Is Variable Pay indeed paid out here? Let's talk Variable Pay (Part 2/3)

 At WonderBiz, where we foster an entrepreneurial culture, we know that we’re   offering you a challenge! There are risks that we want you to take. And we   encourage a risk-reward mechanism. Variable Pay is a part....

How much "Variable Pay" would I get? Let's talk Variable Pay (Part 3/3)

 We all know: Risk & Rewards often go hand in hand. The bigger the Risk, the   bigger the Reward too. That’s why confident IT Professionals prefer Startups   where there’s a bigger Risk and bigger Reward....

 Have you heard about these 5 great python libraries for Machine learning in 2020?

 Remember those days when people had to code full algorithms for Machine   Learning? Gone are those days! Thanks to Python and it’s libraries, modules, and   frameworks - it has become the most preferred language!

 How is Technology Helping IPL 2020 Create a Seamless Experience For Its Fans?

 The 14th edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) is being played without crowds or   the usual glamour due to coronavirus pandemic. But you’ll almost not feel that. Why?

Tutorial - WCF Message Security Using Certificates

Hacking might be one of the coolest things to watch on the movie screen. Most of us have, at some point of time, gawked in awe at the hero hacking into a bank  server or some evil corporation. But here’s the catch!

 Julia Programming Language - The Rising Star Of A New Era!

 While being as fast as C, the language has been crafted to a developer friendly   syntax. As rightly said by it’s co-founder Viral Shah, Julia is where simplicity meets speed!

 Is It Possible To Design Dashboards In Python?

 Why have dashboards become so important today? In today’s data-driven environment, there are dozens of dynamic factors in your business that impact your overall performance.

 A Day in the Life of a Software Developer at WonderBiz

 I've always liked the idea of high-paced action packed work, it just suits my personality. And stand-ups at WonderBiz have just the kind of energy that make my work fun. I get my dependencies resolved quickly.

 A Day in the Life of a Tech Lead at WonderBiz

 Nothing starts my day better than a steaming hot breakfast and a productive stand-up call. I basically go through a quick and thorough review of the team's previous day's tasks. On the basis of what was accomplished we decide what's to be accomplished now.

 ReactJS Guide For Beginners - 2021

 The roadmap is divided into three modules. Core, Basics and Styling the UI. I've added the numbers against each module for better understanding. I prefer not to skip any module as each module is mandatory for understanding React.
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