Our Tried and Tested Hacks from the “Silicon Valley Culture” (Part 2)

Picture yourself working with a team that is pretty loose at communicating stuff and coordinating issues. It isn’t that obvious, but this can turn out to be one of your biggest nightmares in the long term!

This kind of a mess is pretty common - our team was once working for a Silicon Valley Customer with multiple teams in place - all in different locations. One team was in the USA, the other was in China and our team was here in India. All three teams in completely different time zones. What turned out to be was a mess in coordination & communication! Major communication issues coordinating with all teams in different time-zones. A major mess!

When we used to end our day with some queries yet to finish before deadlines, the next morning they were already solved from their end. That’s right, the pressure was growing insane on the team to cope up.

We then sorted it out - created mandatory guidelines and tools to be followed for convenient collaboration which made our work much easier afterward. We communicated the same to the other 2 teams. They also saw this as a better solution forward and accepted it. Btw, they also appreciated us for this! ;-)

The whole team was then able to collaborate really smoothly, which in turn, accelerated the delivery speed 2X!

So, here are the next 3 Hacks from "Silicon Valley Culture" on Teamwork which has molded our team in a much better shape today:

1. Active collaboration (Don't take this lightly!):
Be proactive and consistent with the colleagues. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Also, be clear and cohesive enough in conveying the problems.
Just like how the Silicon Valley guys are at this!
2. Build on top of each other:
Establish a solution-oriented approach wherein team members would not just pinpoint mistakes but also come up with ways and means to get that thing fixed asap. 
Probably, this was one of our biggest learning from the Silicon Valley guys.
3. Practice the “Disagree and commit” approach (The magic formula)
Let colleagues speak up and put their opinions on the table, without holding back. The leader breaks the tie and makes a decision - even though people disagree, they commit and follow-through with execution.
Btw, This was something which the Silicon Valley guys strongly believed.
We talked about getting more opportunities to work for Silicon Valley startups in part 1 of this series ( if you haven't yet read it yet, have a look here), it was a big game-changer for us in many ways! Especially with regards to our internal organizational structure.
Alright! The ball is in your court now. It’s your turn to go and apply these learnings and see the results for yourself.

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